Though Search Engine Optimisation can already boost your ranking, combining SEO with Social Media Optimization (SMO) further enhances your ranking.

What is the point of ranking the highest if your products are still unknown to the public? This is where SMO comes in. SMO, a word of mouth marketing, enables you to effectively spread the word and generate a surprising amount of interest for a relatively unknown product or service.

Combining SEO and SMO not only allows you to be the leader in Search Engine rankings, it also allows you to present yourself effectively in front of your peers and market sector delivering the ultimate marketing punch even before they can see it coming.

Social Media Optimization of Rotapix goes from implementing site changes, so awareness and content can be easily spread and advertised in social mediums and online communities to as far as engineering videos to generate more traffic.

With Rotapix Social Media Optimization, you will be able to position your product to customers on their own terms resulting in a more effective and authentic marketing message.